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    WHMCS Certificates SSL Module

    WHMCS SSL Certificate Module User Manual
    Version 2.2.0 - 28/07/2021

    1 Introduction

    This is the user manual for the SSL Provisioning Module for WHCMS from MrDomain.

    This module adds the ability to WHMCS to request SSL Certificates through the MrDomain API. It also allows the management of the same to carry out reissues, file downloads or modification of the additional domains of certain types of SSL Certificates.

    This module only adds the ability to WHMCS to request and manage SSL Certificates. All these actions must be carried out from our addon for WHMCS. For more information about this addon, visit the Addon section.

    1.1 Previous considerations

    The MrDomain SSL Provisioning Module for WHMCS uses the MrDomain API to function. You need an active API account to use this module.

    To activate the module you will need an API Username and a API user password that the team will have previously provided support of MrDomain. For more information on the MrDomain API, see the corresponding documentation.

    1.2 Available functions

    The module allows the following actions:

    • Import SSL Certificates of MrDomain as products in WHCMS
    • Request SSL Certificates directly at MrDomain
    • Reissue SSL Certificates directly in MrDomain
    • Change the alternative domains of the SSL Multi-Domain Certificates directly in MrDomain
    • Renew SSL Certificates directly in MrDomain
    • Use different validation methods for SSL Certificates (Email, DNS or file)
    • Modify the validation method of the Certificates pending validation
    • Check the validation status of the Certificates pending validation
    • Download SSL Certificate files in various formats (zip, pem, der, pfx ...)

    1.3 Legal warning

    WHMCS is a registered trademark of WHMCS Ltd .. MrDomain is not part of, nor is it affiliated in any way to WHMCS Ltd .. You can get more information about WHMCS on the WHMCS official website.

    2 Installation and configuration

    You will find the installation steps, update and configuration for this Module at the installation section

    3 Using the module

    3.1 Product creation

    To create a WHMCS product with MrDomain's SSL Certificate provisioning module correctly, it is necessary to do it from the Product Edition section of the Management Addon, once the product is created it will be available to WHMCS customers.

    3.2 Certificate creation

    When making a purchase of a WHMCS product based on an SSL product from MrDomain, a request will be made to MrDomain's API for the creation of the Certificate at the time the order is accepted, it can also be configured to make the request in the moment the customer makes the first payment or as soon as the order is placed.

    3.3 Certificate renewal

    The renewal of the certificate will occur as soon as the customer pays the order renewal price, this will generally happen once a year.

    4 Customer Zone

    4.1 Order page

    Once the customer purchases the certificate, the customer will be able to access a view with the certificate information. From this view the customer will be able to perform different actions on the certificate such as re-issuing the certificate or downloading it in different formats.


    4.2 Certificate Validation

    From the product view, you will be able to check the certificate's validation status. Indications are also given on how to validate the domain names of the certificate and the option to change its validation method.


    4.3 Certificate reissue

    From the product view you can access the reissue form, where you can reissue the certificate.