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    User Manual for WHMCS Registrar Module MrDomain

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    1 Introduction

    This is the user manual for the MrDomain's Registrar Module for WHMCS.

    This module adds the capability to WHMCS to register, transfer and renew domains using the MrDomain's API. It also adds additional services like contact updating and managing, whois privacy and others.

    1.1 Getting started

    The Registrar Module for WHMCS uses the MrDomain's API. You need to have a working API account.

    To activate the Module you will need an API USername and API Password that you should have obtained from MrDomain's support team. For more information about the MrDomain's API, visit the online documentation.

    1.2 Disclaimer

    WHMCS is a registered trademark of WHMCS Ltd.. MrDomain isn't part or is otherwise affialiated to WHMCS Ltd.. You can get more information on WHMCS Software on its official website.

    2 Installation

    To install the Registrar Module, download the ZIP from our Github repository. Once downloaded, unzip it and you will end up with a folder named src. Upload the contents of the folder inside your WHMCS root directory, usually /path/to/whmcs/ and accept and merge all the changes.

    Once copied, access your administration panel and go to the registrar configuration screen on Settings > Products/Services > Domain Registrars. Locate an addon named DonDominio and click on Activate. Once activated, click on the Configure button and enter the required information in order to make the module work.


    2.1 Configuration

    The available settings are the following ones:

    Campo Valores Descripción
    API Username Text Your API USername
    API Password Text Your API Password
    VAT Number Field Dropdown The custom field that contents the VAT Number of your customers
    Owner Contact DonDominio ID Text Owner contact's ID
    Allow customers to modify Owner contact information Yes/No Allow customers to modify Owner contact information even if you have provided a Contact ID for it
    Admin Contact DonDominio ID Text Admin contact's ID
    Allow customers to modify Admin contact information Yes/No Allow customers to modify Admin contact information even if you have provided a Contact ID for it
    Tech Contact DonDominio ID Text Tech contact's ID
    Allow customers to modify Tech contact information Yes/No Allow customers to modify Tech contact information even if you have provided a Contact ID for it
    Billing Contact DonDominio ID Text Billing contact's ID
    Lock modifications Yes/No If enabled, locking transfers will also block domain modifications

    2.2 Custom field

    The MrDomain's API requires a VAT Number for each customer registering domains. This module includes a change on to how WHMCS handles these fields in order for it to work properly.

    WHMCS 6

    To enable this change, you must edit the /path/to/whmcs/includes/additionaldomainfields.php file included on your WHMCS 6

    At the end of this field you must add this line:

    include(ROOTDIR . "/modules/registrars/dondominio/additionalfields.php");

    WHMCS 7.x and 8.x

    To enable this change, you must copy the file /path/to/whmcs/modules/registrars/dondominio/additionalfields.php into /path/to/whmcs/resources/domains folder.

    If this file existed previously, you must cancel the operation and you must add the TLD fields manually following the instructions here: WHMCS Additional Domain Fields.

    If you are not sure how to proceed, please, contact our support team.

    In addition, it's possible that if you install other registrar modules, this file wont' work. Please, be sure that if you install other registrar modules, these modules doesn't make any conflict.

    Additionally, the module includes a system to get a custom field in the case that the method above does not work for any reason. This field will be added to the customer data and it's required on renewals and other operations.


    To add this field, access your administrator panel and then click on Settings > Custom fields. On the form, add the following data:

    • Field name: VAT Number
    • Field type: Text field

    The rest of the fields can be left blank. Also, check the Required field and Show on the order form boxes.


    Check the Configuration section for more details about the module configuration fields.

    3 Using the module

    Once installed and configured you can begin using the module to register, transfer and renew domains.

    In order for WHMCS to use the module you need to configure each TLD to tell it to use the module. You can automate this task using our Addon for WHMCS, or follow these steps to do it manually:

    1. Go to Settings > Products/Services > Domain prices
    2. If you haven't created the TLD you want to use, add it normally
    3. Configure the prices using the Open prices link
    4. On the Autoregistration field choose DonDominio
    5. Click on Save changes to confirm these settings


    From this moment this TLD will use the MrDomain's module to register, transfer and renew domains. This process will be transpatent for the user.

    3.1 Processing errors

    If any errors happen during domain registration, transfer o renewal, the order will remain as Pending. Click on the N pending orders link on top of WHMCS administration panel to see them.

    You can retry the process by clickin on Accept order for each one of them. If there are any further errors, you will find a description on the screen. If the operation is successful the order will change to active status and the domain will become active in WHMCS.

    3.2 Domain Sync

    The module includes a domain sync service for WHMCS. This process is automatic, provided you have configured the Cron tasks for WHMCS, as explained on their documentation.

    The sync service will update the status for domains that have transfer pending and the status (along with expiration date) for the rest of the domains in batches of 50. When all domains are updated, the process starts again from the first one.

    4 Additional services

    This module adds additional services for customers, outside the ones provided on the administration panel.

    4.1 Whois Privacy

    Although WHMCS provides an option for this, it may conflict with the Modifications Lock in MrDomain. For this reason, the module includes a custom option to provide this service.

    This option is in the client area and will appear as a new action on the sidebar, under the Additional services block, as Whois Privacy.

    Clicking on this option will bring a new screen with a single button that allows to enable or disable this service. The changes apply immediately through MrDomain's API.

    Please note that not all TLDs allow Whois Privacy. Also, note that the behaviour of this button is configurable through the module settings. See the module configuration section for more information.

    4.2 Lookup Provider and Suggested Domains

    The module provides a system to perform domain availability lookups and domain suggestions through MrDomain.

    To configure this feature, please, follow the insructions in Domain Suggestions Help and learn how to use it in Configure your domain lookup provider.