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    User Manual for WeFact Registrar Plugin

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    1 Introduction

    This is the user manual for the MrDomain's Registrar Plugin for WeFact.

    This plugin adds the capability to WeFact to register, transfer and renew domains using the MrDomain's API. It also adds additional services like contact updating and managing, whois privacy and others.

    1.1 Getting started

    The Registrar Plugin for WeFact uses the MrDomain's API. You need to have a working API account.

    To activate the plugin you will need an API USername and API Password that you should have obtained from MrDomain's support team. For more information about the MrDomain's API, visit the online documentation.

    1.2 Disclaimer

    WeFact is a registered trademark of WeFact B.V.. MrDomain isn't part or is otherwise affialiated to WeFact B.V.. You can get more information on WeFact Software on its official website.

    2 Installation

    To install the Addon, download the ZIP from our Github repository. Once downloaded, unzip it and you will end up with a folder named DonDominio. Upload the folder to your addons directory on your WeFact installation, usually /path/to/wefact/backoffice/3rdparty/domain/.

    Once uploaded to your server, access the WeFact backoffice and go to Settings > Modules. If everything is correct, you will find and entry named DonDominio Registrar Plugin.

    Registrar Plugins

    Go to Management > Services and click on `Registrars on the left menu.

    Registrars list

    Click on the Add Registrar button to access the New Registrar screen.

    New Registrar

    Enter the following information:

    • Name: DonDominio Registrar Plugin
    • Registrar Integration (API): Select DonDominio Registrar Plugin
    • Services available for this registrar: Check only Domain names
    • Default domain contacts: Leave defaults (Use client information)
    • Nameservers: Add your nameservers or leave blank
    • Username: Your API username
    • Password: Your API password

    Press Add when finished to create the registrar.

    3 Using the plugin

    To use a plugin with a TLD, go to Management > Services and click on TLDs on the left.

    Services > TLDs

    Select an existing TLD from the list and click Edit, or click on Add TLD to add a new one.

    Services > TLDs

    One the edit screen, on the Registrar dropbox, select DonDominio Registrar Plugin. Fill the rest of the information as usual.

    When you are finished editing or creating the TLD, click on Save changes or Add to confirm your settings.

    The TLD is now ready to use the MrDomain's registrar plugin.

    4 Additional fields for selected TLDs

    You will need to create additional fields in order for the module to properly work.

    To create additional fields, go to Settings > WeFact Preferences and click on Own custom fields on the left menu. Click on Add field and enter the following information:

    • Field name: The field name on the table below
    • Field code: The field code on the table below
    • Use for: Check both client and domain contact
    • Type: Select the appropriate value from the table below

    When you're done, click on Add to confirm your settings.

    At a minimum, you need to create the following field:

    Field Name Field Code Field Type
    VAT Number vatnumber  Text
    Birth date dateofbirth Date

    Depending on the TLDs you want to support, you will need to create the following additional fields:

    TLD Field name Field Code Field Type
    .aero Aero ID
    Aero Password
    Intended Use intendeduse Text
    .jobs Registrant Website
    Admin Website
    Tech Website
    Billing Website
    Contact Info contactinfo Text
    .ltda Authority
    License Number
    .ru Issuer
    Issue Date
    .xxx Class
    One of: default, membership, nonResolver

    For more information on required fields, check the API documentation.